Excellence in development is our foundation

We help you build the right project in the right place to get the best outcomes for both you and your community.

Community first

Renewable energy infrastructure is still new to many places. We meet with neighbors, businesses and local officials to understand their concerns, answer questions, and make sure our projects meet everyone’s needs.

No surprises down the road

Meeting your production targets in 30 years starts with meticulous planning from day one. We sniff out all the risks and give you the most accurate performance forecast possible—not the most optimistic one.

Every stakeholder matters

Landowners, neighbors, regulators, and local communities can all impact the success of a project. That’s why we seek to maximize local benefits and keep them top of mind throughout the project.


Projects permitted/ commissioned

4 GW
Projects Completed
14 GW
Development Pipeline
States where we have development projects

What it means to be Strata Strong:

We own and optimize the entire value chain.

Get the bird’s-eye view
and the close-up shot

We stare at shadows

Our Performance Analytics team maps actual ground topography with drones to determine how much inter-row shading exists.

We design before we commit

We perform due diligence up to 50% design level before bidding, so we identify costs and risks that others don’t.

We show you what’s ahead

Our site studies spare no detail, so you can minimize your risks and build a project that serves your needs for the long run.

We can start from scratch

All you have is a rectangle on a map? No problem. Our internal engineering and design team can take it from there.

We understand the stakes

Our permitting experts evaluate issues as they arise and adjust the project throughout to address local concerns keeping projects on time and in spec.

We safeguard the industry

One problematic project might be all it takes to undermine clean energy across an entire state. We take care of all the stakeholders so that never happens.

Case Studies

Proven Expertise

Case Study 0

Adams County, Washington

First solar farm in Washington State
View case study
Case Study 1

Ventura energy storage, Oxnard, CA

Landmark storage project with groundswell of community support
View case study

Everything has gone exactly according to plan, just the way Strata proposed it.

Larry Lawrence, Landowner

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clean energy future

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