Put your land in hands you can trust

Your land is more than an asset. It’s your heritage and livelihood, and that’s exactly how we’ll treat it.

Join the clean energy economy, the Strata way

Competitive lease terms

We control hundreds of sites from one secure room, with the singular goal of maximizing their uptime. With data from the ROC, we’ve learned the secrets to designing and building projects that truly perform.

Stewardship of the land

From day one, our plans include environmental management and habitat preservation with native plants and pollinators. When you get your land back in 30 years, it’ll be in better condition than when you put it in our hands.

Personal relationships

You wouldn’t hand your land over to a faceless corporation, and we would never ask you to. We’re 100% family-owned and operated, and our relationships are person-to-person throughout every project.

Our farm has been in the family longer than we can trace back. We would never consider selling, so our solar lease is really good, and the land is really good. If anything or anybody else had come along, we would have said no. But we know the value of clean energy, and to promote it in this area meant a lot to us.

Helen Livingston

Maxton, NC

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300+ contiguous acres

Relatively flat

No wetlands or endangered species

Three phase power line adjacent to property

Close to utility substation


Larry Lawrence

I’d encourage other landowners to look at the long-term financial needs of their families. In my case, with my mom who was 91 at the time, and I was getting close to retirement, we wanted something that would cover her medical expenses and not require me to take a part-time job in retirement. Today, all of mom’s medical expenses are covered without her dipping into savings, and I can be available to take care of her without worrying about finding a steady income.

Mom plans to pass down some of her land to my sister when it’s time, so this has really allowed us to keep this land in our family for generations.

When Strata presented the project to us, they explained every detail, which we had reviewed by our attorney, and since then everything has gone exactly according to plan, just the way Strata proposed it.

We can’t thank Strata enough for what they’re doing to help landowners in small communities like ours, and we hope to see more projects like this preserve family legacies for generations to come.


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